A Moment of Science in PBS online series

October 17, 2012

The “A Moment of Science” educational video series created by WTIU is now part of the PBS Digital Studios original video series.

The Bloomington-based WTIU television station is one of the first in the nation to work with the Public Broadcasting Service on the new initiative, which is intended to create, curate, and distribute video content produced specifically for the web. The aim is to use online video to attract young adult audiences who grew up watching PBS but have abandoned traditional television in favor of online viewing. WTIU is the public television station licensed to Indiana University, operating out of the Radio and TV Center on the Bloomington campus. The station serves more than 47 counties in central Indiana.

“A Moment of Science” is a production of WFIU Public Radio in cooperation with Indiana University’s scientific community and scientists around the world. Audio episodes are heard on radio stations worldwide, while video episodes are seen on the regional Emmy Award-winning children’s program “The Friday Zone” on PBS stations WTIU-Bloomington and WFYI-Indianapolis in Indiana.

For more on “A Moment of Science” episodes, podcasts, blog, and more, visit the AMOS website.