What’s in a (rock’s) name?

July 16, 2013

map copyBuffalo Wallow, Goreville Limestone, Mariah Hill Coal Member, Moccasin Springs Formation, Grover Ditch Member–Indiana’s geologic names are nothing if not colorful.

Now you can explore the geologic history behind the names using the Indiana Geologic Names Information System, available through the website of the Indiana Geological Survey. The system provides details on the names of rock units and their stratigraphic and geographic relationships. You can scroll and view the formal names and relationships of stratigraphic units from the Precambrian to the Pennsylvanian, read and download abbreviated descriptions of stratigraphic units, and link to more detailed information.

Since 1837, the Indiana Geological Survey has been contributing to the stewardship of the energy, mineral, and water resources of the state. Find out just about anything you want to know about the earth sciences of Indiana at their website here.