Physics rocks

September 4, 2013

MiniBooNE is a multi-university physics research collaboration that studies the properties of neutrinos. Rex Tayloe, associate professor of phyiscs at IU Bloomington, and his colleagues have been involved in the study of the mysterious neutrino particle for years.


Miniboone is a five-member rock band from New York. As Tayloe points out on his physics home page, “a NYC band steals it name from our neutrino experiment, and gets semi-famous.”

Semi-famous may be a stretch, but Miniboone the band and MiniBooNE the experiment met recently and were featured in the joint Fermilab/SLAC publication, symmetry magazine (the MiniBooNE experiment’s detectors are located at Fermilab in Illinois).

How did the band name itself? Miniboone member Doug Schrashun explains that after a chance encounter with the name,  “I thought it was an interesting word. And despite knowing as little as I do about particle physics, I thought it was an interesting project.”

Miniboone releases its first full-length album this month. The opening track is “Superposition.” MiniBoone the physics experiment launches a new project in 2014, called MicroBooNE. Learn more the band and the science here and here.

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