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New IU undergrad research journal

June 9, 2015

The first issue of the Indiana University Journal of Undergraduate Research, an interdisciplinary publication, is now available.

Supported by the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, the IU Journal of Undergraduate Research accepts submissions of full-length articles, literature reviews, research snapshots and abstracts from undergraduates at any IU campus.

A student editorial board rates the submissions, and a faculty advisory board reviews the highly ranked papers to select articles for publication. Contributors to the first issue include students at IU Bloomington, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, and IU Kokomo. At IU South Bend, the journals Analecta (creative writing), New Views on Gender, Undergraduate Research Journal, and Undergraduate Research Journal of History are all edited, peer-reviewed, and laid out by students, and feature exclusively undergraduate content. IU South Bend also published a Graduate Research Journal, launched two years ago.

“Volume I features a variety of articles showing the students’ depth of thought in the humanities, natural sciences, professional schools and social sciences,” says Janit Pandya, co-editor-in-chief along with Kristie Hsu. “Student authors present unique perspectives on topics within their respective areas of study, reflecting the diverse intellectual curiosity across the Indiana University system.”

“I commend the journal’s student staff and authors on the inaugural issue and their commitment to undergraduate research and its contributions to their disciplines,” said Dennis Groth, vice provost for undergraduate education. “The results that emerge from these high-impact educational opportunities are transformative for the greater university community as well as the undergraduate experience, and they deserve to be celebrated.”

The full first volume is accessible online. From research on the overlooked moments in American history to the interdependencies in nature, this year’s featured articles include:


  • Asa Kerr — “The Sand Creek Massacre”
  • Natalie Schumann –“Nationalism in National Geographic Magazine, 1888-1923”
  • Kushal Shah — “‘Silent Spring’ and The New York Times: How Rachel Carson Won the Journey”

Natural sciences

  • Gregory Welage — “Abiotic Changes Within a Reservoir After a Complete Drawdown: a Case Study of Lake Griffy”
  • Hussain Ather — “RNA-Seq Analysis of lncRNAs and cisNATs in the Tomato Genome”
  • Peyton Joachim — “Evolution of Resistance in Potamopyrgus antipodarum”
  • Samantha Klosak — “Parasite Selection and the Fitness of Sexual Reproduction”
  • Reshma Patel — “Host Flower Infection of Silene latifolia by Microbotryum”
  • Julie Xu — “The Effect of Host’s Dispersal Ability on Fine-Scale Spatial Differentiation”

Professional schools

  • Katlyn Antior and Antoinette Pugh — “The Experience of Completing an Undergraduate Nursing Honors Research Project on the First Professional Nursing Position”
  • Carolina Cardona — “Part Consolidation for Additive Manufacturing Demonstrated in the Design of a 3D-Printed Harmonic Drive”
  • Roshni Dhoot and Vishnu Alse — “Weight-Related Lifestyle Behaviors and Attitudes in High School and College Students”

Social sciences

  • Alexius Babb — “Stealing Is Stealing: A Cross-Cultural Analysis on the Perception of Criminality for Physical Theft Versus Illegal Downloading”

The IU Journal of Undergraduate Research is accepting submissions for Volume II, which will be published in June 2016. Work submitted by Dec. 1, 2015 will receive detailed feedback from the student editorial board. Final submissions are due in February.

Students who are interested in joining the IU Journal of Undergraduate Research staff may contact A video about the journal is available at the Office of the Provost YouTube site.

The Indiana University Journal of Undergraduate Research aims to sustain an annual, student-run, faculty-mentored undergraduate research publication for Indiana University. By creating a unified forum for undergraduate research, the IU Journal of Undergraduate Research seeks to foster an engaged student body and encourage student-faculty collaboration in all fields.

The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education supports a broad range of activities that promote innovation and enrichment in the curriculum, and leads campus-wide programs and initiatives in support of outstanding, academic experiences for all undergraduates.