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Raquel Hill

Listen as computer scientist Raquel Hill discusses how online information may be used to discriminate as well as reflects on how challenges can shape a career. Read More »

Joshua Brown

Join Joshua Brown as he explains how he is using brain imaging to reveal why humans take risks and how addiction works. Read More »

Jawshing Arthur Liou

In this video, learn more about the critically acclaimed, other-worldly high-definition video installations created by artist Arthur Liou.Read More »

Kylie Peppler

Kylie Peppler, assistant professor of learning sciences and director of The Creativity Labs, discusses how working with e-textiles can refashion education, inside the classroom and out.Read More »

IU School of Public Health-Bloomington

Michael Reece, associate dean for research and graduate studies at IU School of Public Health-Bloomington points to new areas of research, including epidemiology.Read More »

Mathers Museum of World Cultures

Ethnographer Jason Baird Jackson takes us behind the scenes of IU Bloomington's Mathers Museum and reflects on the future of museums in the 21st century.Read More »

Imag(in)ing Science

IU Bloomington faculty teams collaborated on a unique exhibit showcasing projects rooted in scientific imaging and transformed by techniques from visual arts. Read More »

Media Digitization and Preservation at IU

IU's Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative will preserve historical and cultural artifacts for future generations.Read More »

IU geologists and NASA's Mars rover Curiosity mission

IU Bloomington geologists David Bish and Juergen Schieber discuss their ongoing roles in NASA's Mars rover Curiosity mission. Read More »

NBC/NSF Science Behind the News

The Science Behind The News series, an NBC/NSF collaboration, features features IU Bloomington chemist Erin Carlson path-breaking work in pursuing new medicines.Read More »

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