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Indiana University has been named a partner in creating the Chicago-based $320 million Digital Lab for Manufacturing recently announced by President Barack Obama. IU President Michael A. McRobbie says the nation’s new flagship research institute for digital manufacturing and design innovation will benefit from IU’s strengths in cyberinfrastructure and data architecture development, high-performance and cloud […]

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IU Bloomington information scientist Katy Börner walked the red carpet at this year’s annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences as producer of Humanexus, an animated, 12 1/2-minute semi-documentary film that “visualizes human communication from the Stone Age to today and beyond.” The award-winning film was part of Mapping the Unseen, a showcase […]

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When scientists with NASA’s Operation IceBridge mission fly over the Earth’s poles gathering ice sheet data, they can focus solely on their science and not the computing systems that make it possible, thanks to Indiana University IT experts. For the past five years, IU’s Research Technologies group has provided the field data management, processing and […]

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As the new year begins, here’s a tiny sample of what’s new from IU Bloomington faculty, who are inventing, now and for the future. Heard of the Twitter Predictor? Invented by Johan Bollen, associate professor of informatics and computing at IU Bloomington, the predictor is a social media mood-tracking system designed to predict how economic markets, […]

IU’s Media Digitization and Preservation Initiative will preserve historical and cultural artifacts for future generations.

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Revelations that the National Security Agency has secretly broken into Google and Yahoo data centers outside the United States worsen the crisis the U.S. government faces over its cyber-espionage activities and undermine confidence in Google and Yahoo as global communication businesses, says Indiana University Bloomington cybersecurity expert David Fidler. Through documents disclosed by former NSA contractor […]

Models for Enabling Continuous Reconfigurability of Secure Missions, a five-year, $23.2 million cooperative agreement, will form a collaborative research alliance consisting of Indiana University, Penn State, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California Davis, University of California Riverside, and the Army Research Laboratory. The aim of the alliance is to create a science to detect and […]

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Researchers from Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing are part of a team that has advanced in the $2 million U.S. Department of Defense DARPA Robotics Challenge to develop robots that can execute complex tasks in dangerous, degraded, human-engineered environments. The announcement marks the mid-point of the first phase of the 27-month challenge that […]


H. Wayne Storey

June 12, 2013

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Using 21st-century technologies, H. Wayne Storey and John Walsh are recreating the 14th-century poet Petrach’s famous sonnets, as Petrarch meant them to be.

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New research from Indiana University has found that machine learning — the same computer science discipline that helped create voice recognition systems, self-driving cars and credit card fraud detection systems — can drastically improve both the cost and quality of health care in the United States. Using an artificial intelligence framework combining Markov Decision Processes […]