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Researchers at Indiana University Bloomington’s School of Informatics are part of an international team taking on the DARPA Robotics Challenge, a $2 million contest funded by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop robots that can execute complex tasks in dangerous, degraded, human-engineered environments. The contest was inspired by the “Fukushima 50,” the […]


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Researchers from IU Bloomington’s newly organized School of Public Health recently participated in the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in San Francisco. Here are summaries of some of the studies discussed: Move local, fresh foods beyond ‘privileged’ consumers Farmer’s markets and community-supported agriculture programs largely attract a “privileged” class of shoppers, according to said James […]


Go Big Red II!

October 9, 2012

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IU will install the fastest university-owned supercomputer in the nation, named Big Red II, on the Bloomington campus in spring 2013. The new system will be capable of operating at a peak rate of one petaFLOPS, or one thousand trillion floating-point operations per second — 25 times faster than the university’s original Big Red supercomputer […]

Media Life

October 9, 2012

by Mark Deuze

Thumbnail image for ‘Google of the brain’ project gets $2.5M NIH grant is an online platform intended to be a sort of “Google of the brain” for researchers in cognitive neuroscience. The unique system will be designed to learn new concepts, draw inferences, and make discoveries based on collected sources. Indiana University Bloomington cognitive scientist Michael Jones and researchers at the University of Colorado, University of […]


Patrick Feaster

May 31, 2012

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IU sound media historian Patrick Feaster accomplishes the seemingly impossible task of creating sound from century-old images. He’s uncovered and played back what may be the world’s oldest record.


Inter-facing art

January 27, 2012

Digital artist and Indiana University Bloomington Associate Professor Margaret Dolinsky opened her exhibition Inter:facing last fall at the Grunwald Gallery.

The Future of Moral Machines

January 12, 2012

A robot walks into a bar and says, “I’ll have a screwdriver.” A bad joke, indeed. But even less funny if the robot says, “Give me what’s in the cash register.” Thinking about machines with morals (or lacking them) is one of Colin Allen’s specialties. Allen is a Provost Professor of history and the philosophy […]


Dance, ‘here and now’

December 19, 2011

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The emphasis of “Contemporary Voices,” the annual faculty/guest artist concert presented on the IU Bloomington campus this January by the IU Dance Theatre, is on “contemporary,” in no uncertain terms. A couple clad only in white underwear dancing with nothing but a mattress. Six college students in their PJs performing on and around a couch. […]