Ever wonder how the ancient other half lived? Take a virtual tour below, through the 3-D virtual expertise of Indiana University Bloomington archaeo-informaticist” Bernie Frischer.  A professor of informatics in the School of Informatics and Computing at IU Bloomington, Frischer brings to life one of the Roman Empire’s best-known and best-preserved imperial villas — Hadrian’s […]

Ins and outs of OVPR

November 12, 2013

IU Bloomington Vice Provost for Research Sarita Soni has released OVPR’s 2012-13 Year-end Report. Download the report here to learn more about OVPR’s initiatives to move the research enterprise at IU Bloomington forward.

High-tech craft

October 22, 2013

IU Bloomington blogger Bethany Nolan points us to the high-tech craft of Nicole Jacquard, associate professor in the Hope School of Fine Arts. Jacquard’s work “celebrates contradictions,” according to American Craft Magazine. The magazine features Jacquard’s works in its current issue, including Snail Shell Harbor (below), which blends QR code and vintage photo encircled with pearls: To […]

Physics rocks

September 4, 2013

MiniBooNE is a multi-university physics research collaboration that studies the properties of neutrinos. Rex Tayloe, associate professor of phyiscs at IU Bloomington, and his colleagues have been involved in the study of the mysterious neutrino particle for years. Miniboone is a five-member rock band from New York. As Tayloe points out on his physics home […]


To boldly go …

August 13, 2013

“With over 500 million active users in 2012, Twitter now represents a new frontier for the study of human behavior.” When I read this sentence in the summary of a new paper by IU Bloomington sociologists and informaticists, I couldn’t help but hear echoes of the Star Trek mission (“Space: the final frontier … to boldly […]

Buffalo Wallow, Goreville Limestone, Mariah Hill Coal Member, Moccasin Springs Formation, Grover Ditch Member–Indiana’s geologic names are nothing if not colorful. Now you can explore the geologic history behind the names using the Indiana Geologic Names Information System, available through the website of the Indiana Geological Survey. The system provides details on the names of […]

Applying research

June 18, 2013

There is a lot of talk these days about applied or “translational” research, meaning, mainly, research that makes the transition out of the laboratory into the “real world”, research that results in some new drug or therapy or treatment, some groundbreaking technology. It’s sometimes harder to see research at work outside the drug therapy or […]


In a forthcoming article, Matthew Baggetta and his co-authors observe that the more time leaders spend in meetings, the less time they are willing to give to the organization. Those of us who have spent any time in the adult working world might be tempted to say, “Duh.” But Baggetta and his co-authors Hahrie Han and […]


Shop smart(er)

May 24, 2013

Nearly 20 years ago, when I was living in Boston and marketing expert Raymond Burke was teaching at Harvard University, I participated in one of his lab’s experiments. Burke, who is now E.W. Kelley Chair of Business Administration and director of the Customer Interface Laboratory at IU Bloomington, has been using cutting-edge technologies to test what […]


This fall, the IU Bloomington Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences celebrates its 125-year anniversary. Before then, you can catch up on the distinguished history of the department with this brief video produced by the department: A brief History of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences from IU Psych on Vimeo.