Armin Moczek

An infamous and ill-fated talking Barbie doll once said, “Math class is tough. Let’s go shopping.” At least until public outcry compelled Mattel to take that 1992 doll off the shelf. Yet that soundtrack still plays for flesh-and-blood girls. The message—that girls do not have the same aptitude or interest as boys in math and […]

In a January 26, 2012 segment on NPR’s All Things Considered, host Melissa Block interviewed John Vucetich, a wildlife ecologist from Michigan Technological University who is part of a 54-year-long study of wolves and moose on Isle Royale, a frigid wilderness island located in the remote waters of Lake Superior. Her first question was this: […]


Armin Moczek, Biology

January 6, 2012

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The turtle’s fortress-like shell. The soaring spiral of a narwhal’s tooth. The intricate pattern of a butterfly’s wing. At one time or another, you’ve surely wondered, Where did that come from?