Thumbnail image for Expanding the theory of evolution

The concepts originally laid out in Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” in 1859 continue to serve as a major foundation for the modern theory of evolutionary biology. In recent decades, however, biologists in previously overlooked fields such as developmental biology and ecology have made discoveries that extend the basic principles upon which Darwin’s […]

Thumbnail image for Biologists earn NSF biodiversity grant

IU Bloomington biologists who specialize in the ecology and evolution of microbes have been named one of 12 teams in the nation to receive funding from the National Science Foundation’s Dimensions of Biodiversity Program. Associate professor Jay T. Lennon and postdoctoral research fellow Ken Locey, in collaboration with Univeristy of Notre Dame Assistant Professor Stuart Jones, […]

Thumbnail image for Students shine in STEM programs

Where are you likely to find 15 teenagers on a hot Sunday afternoon in July? The pool? The mall? The park? How about standing in the atrium of Indiana University Bloomington’s Jordan Hall, explaining results of their latest laboratory experiments to an attentive crowd? On Sunday, July 21, Jordan Hall—home to the IU Bloomington College of […]


Thumbnail image for Songbird superstar, box-office success

 The world premiere of the film Ordinary Extraordinary Junco: Remarkable Biology From a Backyard Bird — a science documentary developed by biologists at Indiana University about one of North America’s most beloved songbirds — was a local success and a box office sell-out. Now the team of scientists and filmmakers says the film, along with […]


An infamous and ill-fated talking Barbie doll once said, “Math class is tough. Let’s go shopping.” At least until public outcry compelled Mattel to take that 1992 doll off the shelf. Yet that soundtrack still plays for flesh-and-blood girls. The message—that girls do not have the same aptitude or interest as boys in math and […]

Thumbnail image for Forest diversity and dependence

How species diversity is maintained is a fundamental question in biology. In a new study, a team of Indiana University biologists has shown for the first time that diversity is influenced on a spatial scale of unparalleled scope, in part, by how well tree seedlings survive under their own parents. Scientists have long considered conspecific […]


Thumbnail image for Not all altruism is alike

Altruism–selfless behavior–is widespread in nature. Organisms from microbes to mammals help others by warning about predators, caring for others’ offspring, foraging to retrieve food for nest mates, cooperating in the hunt, and communicating the location of food. But not all acts of altruism are alike, says a new study. From bees and wasps that die […]


Thumbnail image for Researching the genius of place

It feels quieter in Dunn’s Woods than on the rest of the Indiana University Bloomington campus. Cooler in the summer. More peaceful on bustling game days or during the change of classes. People who work and study on campus can step from an academic building into the woods in the heart of campus and be […]


Thumbnail image for Breaking new ground in plant science

When Craig Pikaard entered college, he wasn’t considering a scientific career. He majored in horticulture and hoped to start a home and garden business with his father after graduation. His plans changed as soon as he took a few college-level science courses. “I was enthralled by biochemistry and physiology classes,” recalls Pikaard. That revelation turned […]


Thumbnail image for IU biologist receives $2.3 million to study how chlamydia infection works

The National Institutes of Health has awarded David E. Nelson, assistant professor in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Biology, more than $2.3 million to genetically modify variants of the human pathogen chlamydia in hopes of finding a vaccine for the most commonly reported bacterial infectious disease in the United States. […]