climate change

Newly published research by Indiana University scientists finds that low relative humidity in the atmosphere is a significant, growing and often under-appreciated cause of plant stress in hot, dry weather conditions. The finding suggests that models used to gauge the impact of drought on ecosystems should be refined to more accurately account for the role […]

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 Indiana University, in collaboration with Montana State University and the University of Greenland, is conducting a three-year, $1.5 million National Science Foundation-funded study of the biological, cultural, and environmental challenges facing an Arctic population. Like many coastal and modernizing communities worldwide, northern Greenlanders are confronted by a changing climate, demographic shifts, and global economic forces […]

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A turtle’s home may be on its back, but some North American turtles face an uncertain future as a warming climate threatens to reduce their suitable habitat. A new study by an Indiana University Bloomington paleontologist and colleagues in Tennessee and Germany reconstructs the effects of past climatic changes on 59 species of North American […]