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Storytelling Research

January 27, 2015

College of Arts & Sciences students Sarah Whaley and Ellie Brower team up with Professor Fritz Breithaupt to pursue research on how storytelling works.

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At a Bloomington, Ind., toy store, kids ages 8 to 12 gather weekly to trade Pokemon cards and share their mutual absorption in the intrigue and adventure of Pokemon. This may seem an unlikely source of material to test theories in cognitive neuroscience. But that is where Indiana University brain scientists Karin Harman James and Tom […]


Foraging for memories

April 20, 2012

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Quick, name all the animals that you can think of – you’ve got three minutes. Dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, goldfish … ? If you falter after naming a group of common domestic pets, you may have exploited a specific memory patch and need to move on to forage elsewhere for new words. That’s the basic […]


The Future of Moral Machines

January 12, 2012

A robot walks into a bar and says, “I’ll have a screwdriver.” A bad joke, indeed. But even less funny if the robot says, “Give me what’s in the cash register.” Thinking about machines with morals (or lacking them) is one of Colin Allen’s specialties. Allen is a Provost Professor of history and the philosophy […]