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Thumbnail image for IU biologist co-leads $8.7 million grant on evolutionary development

As a recipient of an $8.7 million grant from a foundation promoting the advancement of science and philosophy, Indiana University will serve as part of the world’s largest coordinated project on the study of evolutionary biology. Armin Moczek, a professor in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Biology, and colleagues at […]

Thumbnail image for Gene alteration could mean new disease resistance for crops

Scientists at Indiana University have modified a plant gene that normally fights bacterial infection to confer resistance to a virus. The method, described in a paper published in the journal Science, is the first time a plant’s innate defense system has been altered to deliver resistance to a new disease. It is also the subject of […]

Thumbnail image for Tick study reveals migration patterns, disease risks

Over nearly 15 years spent studying ticks, Indiana University’s Keith Clay has found southern Indiana to be an oasis free from Lyme disease, the condition most associated with these arachnids that are the second most common parasitic disease vector on Earth. He has also seen signs that this low-risk environment is changing, both in Indiana […]

Thumbnail image for Fighting antibiotic resistance

The alarming increase of antibiotic-resistant bacteria poses health and economic threats worldwide, with more than 2 million Americans infected by the bacteria each year. Now, a team of Indiana University Bloomington chemists and biologists has been awarded a major grant to develop and use a chemical tagging method to better understand how bacteria build their […]

Thumbnail image for Producing more, cleaner bioethanol

Indiana University biologists believe they have found a faster, cheaper, and cleaner way to increase bioethanol production by using nitrogen gas, the most abundant gas in Earth’s atmosphere, in place of more costly industrial fertilizers. The discovery could save the industry millions of dollars and make cellulosic ethanol – made from wood, grasses and inedible […]

Thumbnail image for 15th annual James P. Holland Lecture Oct. 20

A leading cancer researcher whose work focuses on how the tumor-suppressing protein p53 networks with other genes to control cell behavior will present the 15th James P. Holland Memorial Lecture at Indiana University Bloomington on Oct. 20. University of Colorado Boulder Associate Professor Joaquin Espinosa will discuss the p53 gene network as a group of […]

Thumbnail image for Advancing research on bacterial evolution

Indiana University Bloomington biologists will receive more than $6.2 million from the U.S. Army Research Office to study how bacteria evolve in response to their internal, population-influenced environments and their external natural environments. IU Distinguished Professor of Biology Michael Lynch will lead a team that includes four laboratories in the IU College of Arts and […]

Thumbnail image for IU scientists describe fruit fly complexity

Scientists from Indiana University are part of a consortium that has described the transcriptome of the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster in unprecedented detail, identifying thousands of new genes, transcripts and proteins. In the new work, published in the journal Nature, scientists studied the transcriptome — the complete collection of RNAs produced by a genome — […]