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Research led by Indiana University physicist Daria Zieminska has resulted in the first detection of a new form of elementary particle: the “four-flavored” tetraquark. Zieminska, a senior scientist in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Physics, is a lead member of the team responsible for the particle’s detection by the DZero […]

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Just as most of the world’s air travel passes through a few major hubs, the majority of information in the brain flows through similarly well-traveled routes, Indiana University scientists have found. A new study, reported in the journal Neuroscience, shows that 70 percent of all information within cortical regions in the brain passes through only […]

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A team of physicists from Indiana University’s Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter has been awarded $1.2 million to help develop a new, highly precise particle detector that will be used to investigate the fundamental properties of elementary particles. Anselm Vossen, a research scientist in IU Bloomington’s Department of Physics in the College of […]

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A theoretical nuclear physicist in IU Bloomington’s College of Arts and Sciences has been awarded the National Science Foundation’s most prestigious award in support of junior faculty. Jinfeng Liao, an assistant professor in the Department of Physics, will receive $440,000 from the CAREER Award to continue exploring new states of matter under extreme conditions. For […]

Thumbnail image for IU physicists, IT helped make Higgs boson Nobel Prize possible

Nearly 50 years ago, theoretical physicists François Englert of the Universite libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, and Peter W. Higgs of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, challenged experimental physicists around the world with a theory about a unique mechanism that endowed fundamental particles with mass. Englert and Higgs have won the Nobel Prize in physics because […]

Physics rocks

September 4, 2013

MiniBooNE is a multi-university physics research collaboration that studies the properties of neutrinos. Rex Tayloe, associate professor of phyiscs at IU Bloomington, and his colleagues have been involved in the study of the mysterious neutrino particle for years. Miniboone is a five-member rock band from New York. As Tayloe points out on his physics home […]


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A team of Indiana University Bloomington physicists will receive more than $5.4 million over the next three years from the National Science Foundation to study the subtle properties of subatomic particles. The team consists of Will Jacobs, Lisa Kaufman, Chen-Yu Liu, Josh Long, Hans-Otto Meyer, Hermann Nann, William Snow, Ed Stephenson, Rex Tayloe, Anselm Vossen, […]