Department of Sociology

Bisexual men and women are paid less for doing the same jobs than similarly qualified heterosexual men and women, according to Indiana University research that breaks new ground by treating bisexual individuals as distinct from gay men and lesbians in the workplace. The study, “Sexual Orientation in the Labor Market,” was published online by the […]

Social scientists have long known that women working in numerically male-dominated occupations like physics and firefighting report experiencing workplace stress, but men who work in numerically female-dominated occupations like nursing and child care do not. But why? Is it something about women or something about the workplace? A study by an Indiana University sociologist suggests […]

To boldly go …

August 13, 2013

“With over 500 million active users in 2012, Twitter now represents a new frontier for the study of human behavior.” When I read this sentence in the summary of a new paper by IU Bloomington sociologists and informaticists, I couldn’t help but hear echoes of the Star Trek mission (“Space: the final frontier … to boldly […]