Emerging Areas of Research program

In the face of environmental change and persistent public health issues, how do we develop more resilient sustainable food systems? In the era of big data and massive cybersecurity breaches, what are the keys to super-speed computing and real data encryption? These questions, and more, are at the heart of the two research initiatives selected […]

IU Bloomington’s first Emerging Areas of Research initiative, called “Learning: Machines, Brains, and Children,” will revolutionize our understanding of how children, and robots, learn.

Can machines learn to think like children? An interdisciplinary team of cognitive scientists, neuroscientists, and computer scientists at Indiana University Bloomington has received the campus’s inaugural Emerging Areas of Research funding award to explore that question. Called “Learning: Brains, Machines and Children,” the first Emerging Areas of Research initiative is led by Linda Smith, Distinguished […]

Following the recent announcement of Indiana University’s first Grand Challenges initiative, IU Bloomington has launched another strategic research program for the Bloomington campus, the Emerging Areas of Research program. A total of 64 preliminary proposal abstracts were submitted June 15 in the inaugural year of the program. The Emerging Areas of Research program was created […]