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Research by paleontologists at Indiana University and the University of Nebraska sheds new light on how snakes evolved their elongated, legless bodies. Hox genes, which establish the boundaries of the neck, trunk, lumbar, sacral and tail regions in birds, lizards, crocodiles and mammals, were previously thought to have been disrupted in snakes, resulting in a […]

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Altruism–selfless behavior–is widespread in nature. Organisms from microbes to mammals help others by warning about predators, caring for others’ offspring, foraging to retrieve food for nest mates, cooperating in the hunt, and communicating the location of food. But not all acts of altruism are alike, says a new study. From bees and wasps that die […]


Armin Moczek, Biology

January 6, 2012

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The turtle’s fortress-like shell. The soaring spiral of a narwhal’s tooth. The intricate pattern of a butterfly’s wing. At one time or another, you’ve surely wondered, Where did that come from?