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Wind energy now supplies enough electricity to power 15 million homes in the United States. According to the American Wind Energy Association, at the end of 2013, there were more U.S. wind power megawatts under construction than ever before, with projects underway in at least 20 states. This phenomenal growth of wind energy and the […]

Researchers with NASA’s Mars Science Lab found what they were looking for when the Curiosity rover drilled two holes and collected samples of rock from the planet’s Yellowknife Bay: evidence that, in the distant past, Mars possessed conditions needed to support life. The latest results from the Curiosity expedition are included in six papers published […]

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Want to build a comet? Or a volcano? Take your pick on Saturday, Oct. 26, when IU Bloomington’s astronomy, chemistry, geological sciences, mathematics, and physics departments host their annual open houses. The day-long event includes fundamental experiments designed to thrill — think pumpkins flying out fifth-floor windows and lots of electromagnetic sparks, informative presentations on dark […]

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A turtle’s home may be on its back, but some North American turtles face an uncertain future as a warming climate threatens to reduce their suitable habitat. A new study by an Indiana University Bloomington paleontologist and colleagues in Tennessee and Germany reconstructs the effects of past climatic changes on 59 species of North American […]

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The first mineralogy experiments by the Mars Science Lab on board the Curiosity rover confirm the presence of basaltic minerals similar to those found on Earth at Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii, according to research results published online today by the journal Science. Indiana University Bloomington geologist David Bish is the lead author of one […]


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Rituparna Bose

September 26, 2012

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Rituparna Bose, who studied geological sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences at IU Bloomington, is carrying out groundbreaking research in ecology, evolution, and biodiversity.

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Years of work by Indiana University geologists David Bish and Juergen Schieber reached a critical juncture when NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory mission reached Mars in early August. Bish, the Haydn Murray Chair of Applied Clay Mineralogy, and Schieber, professor of geological sciences, helped develop and will analyze data from two of the 10 instruments included […]


Reading bones

March 9, 2012

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Stone tools or biting animals? Researchers studying human origins should develop standards for determining whether markings on fossil bones were made by tools or animals, says Indiana University faculty member Jackson Njau in an article in the journal Science. Njau, a co-director of field research at paleontological sites in eastern Africa’s Olduvai Gorge, notes that […]