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A stunning image of an insect’s brain and nerve cord captured by three Indiana University scientists will be on display at the National Institutes of Health early next year. Eduardo Zattara, Armin Moczek, and Jim Powers of the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Biology are among the winners of the Federation […]

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Earlier this year, a stunning image of a a dividing mammalian cell taken by longtime IU research associate Jane Stout debuted in Times Square as a winner of the international 2012 GE Healthcare Life Sciences Cell Imaging Competition. That image was taken with  DeltaVision OMX microscope system at Indiana University Bloomington’s Light Microscopy Imaging Center. The 2013 […]

The Light Microscopy Imaging Center at IU Bloomington  provides researchers with user-friendly access to state-of-the-art light microscopy such as the super-resolution DeltaVision OMX imaging system. Research center & institute directory

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With crisp resolution to 100 nanometers, the DeltaVision OMX imaging system is considered one of the world’s finest microscope systems. Upon its arrival to Indiana University Bloomington’s Light Microscopy Imaging Center in 2010, researchers quickly renamed it the “OMG” microscope for the amazing images it produced and its ability to do super-speed imaging of multiple-labeled […]