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Good news for U.S. researchers working with big data: Starting September 1, they’ll have access to Jetstream, the first National Science Foundation (NSF)-supported cloud resource for science and engineering research. Indiana University’s Pervasive Technology Institute is the lead institution on the five-year, $11 million NSF grant to create, implement and operate Jetstream. Designed to be […]

Thumbnail image for $1.2M grant to to unlock potential of Midwest maker movement

Hacking, crafting, making, tinkering, “DIY.” A wide range of terms reflect a growing international culture of creativity related to making physical objects. In the United States, signs of this movement are clearest in the proliferation of maker collectives, repair practices, and “hackerspaces” in cities from Portland to New York City. Examples of objects created by […]

Thumbnail image for Machines that think like toddlers

Linda Smith, an internationally recognized expert in human cognition at IU Bloomington, and IU Bloomington professor Chen Yu, in collaboration with computer vision researchers from Georgia Tech, have received $700,000 from the National Science Foundation to lead new research that could strengthen understanding of how children learn to recognize discrete categories of objects. Members of […]

Thumbnail image for What cues influence women’s success in STEM?

The National Science Foundation wants to identify obstacles that keep women from entering and remaining in STEM careers, and Indiana University’s Mary C. Murphy is working to reveal a previously hidden factor that may be preventing advancement in these fields. Recognizing the importance of Murphy’s work — that there may be subtle, environmental signals that discourage […]

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IU Bloomington biologists who specialize in the ecology and evolution of microbes have been named one of 12 teams in the nation to receive funding from the National Science Foundation’s Dimensions of Biodiversity Program. Associate professor Jay T. Lennon and postdoctoral research fellow Ken Locey, in collaboration with Univeristy of Notre Dame Assistant Professor Stuart Jones, […]

The Science Behind The News series, an NBC/NSF collaboration, features features IU Bloomington chemist Erin Carlson path-breaking work in pursuing new medicines.


In the spring, Indiana University Bloomington welcomed Myron Gutmann, assistant director of the National Science Foundation’s Directorate in Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences. Gutmann was on campus to discuss Rebuilding the Mosaic, an NSF report that encourages scholars in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences to engage in broadly interdisciplinary and collaborative research. As Gutmann […]