Olaf Sporns

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Just as most of the world’s air travel passes through a few major hubs, the majority of information in the brain flows through similarly well-traveled routes, Indiana University scientists have found. A new study, reported in the journal Neuroscience, shows that 70 percent of all information within cortical regions in the brain passes through only […]

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An international team of researchers from Indiana University and Switzerland is using data mapping methods created to track the spread of information on social networks to trace its dissemination across a surprisingly different system: the human brain. The research team from the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences […]

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Indiana University has established the Indiana University Network Science Institute, or IUNI. The $7 million initiative will bring together many of the university’s top minds to explore and embrace the challenge of understanding complex networks that underlie large-scale systems, including the environment, economics, technology, and human health. “Today, more than ever before, exploring the connections […]

Facebook brain

June 27, 2012

Over lunch recently, two friends and I were talking about how to create buzz around a project we’ve been slowly organizing. We talked about emails, news releases, and the like, but we soon realized what we really needed was Facebook. With a set of “friends,” a lot of “liking,” and some strategic “sharing,” we’d be […]