Thumbnail image for IU scientists take a look inside liver failure

Three Indiana University professors have received $2.1 million to develop a computational model of acetaminophen-induced liver failure — the leading cause of liver failure in the United States — using advanced microscopic and computational technologies that allow scientists to see into the liver of a living animal. James A. Glazier, director of IU’s Biocomplexity Institute […]

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Want to build a comet? Or a volcano? Take your pick on Saturday, Oct. 26, when IU Bloomington’s astronomy, chemistry, geological sciences, mathematics, and physics departments host their annual open houses. The day-long event includes fundamental experiments designed to thrill — think pumpkins flying out fifth-floor windows and lots of electromagnetic sparks, informative presentations on dark […]

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Taking data from cosmic rays for the first time, the international NOvA experiment — with the fingerprints of Indiana University researchers all over it — began recording its first three-dimensional images last week, moving closer to the day  when physicists can begin measuring neutrino energies. “We’re not measuring neutrinos yet, but this marks a milestone […]


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The announcement that scientists have observed a new particle that may be the elusive Higgs boson spelled success for researchers at Indiana University Bloomington who have worked for years on a massive experiment that detected the particle. On July 4 in Geneva Switzerland, representatives of two experiment teams, ATLAS and CMS, said that they had […]


I admit it: I do not really understand what a neutrino is, much less a quark, muon, lepton, antimatter, or for that matter, any of the fundamental concepts of high-energy, particle physics. But I deeply admire the people who do, including the dedicated scientists who inhabit Fermilab, a sprawling prairie campus west of Chicago that […]


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Next to a metal shop in the IU Bloomington School of Fine Arts’ McCalla building, behind a sliding glass door, sit three revolutionary machines. These machines — two monstrous printers and a CNC Wood Router — are cutting-edge tools of 3-D printing, meaning a three-dimensional object may be printed in tangible, life-size versions. “We’re at […]