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Thumbnail image for First evidence for independent working memory systems in animals

A new study from Indiana University could help ensure the hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year to develop potential treatments for Alzheimer’s disease aren’t wasted on targeting the wrong types of memory. The paper, published in Current Biology, is the first to confirm that a key aspect of human memory impaired in memory […]

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If you wanted to design a robot that could learn and develop like a human infant, to gain the skills and abilities of a human child, you would do well to talk to IU experimental psychologist Linda Smith — as roboticists around the world have done. Among the many questions you would need to answer […]

Thumbnail image for Machines that think like toddlers

Linda Smith, an internationally recognized expert in human cognition at IU Bloomington, and IU Bloomington professor Chen Yu, in collaboration with computer vision researchers from Georgia Tech, have received $700,000 from the National Science Foundation to lead new research that could strengthen understanding of how children learn to recognize discrete categories of objects. Members of […]

Thumbnail image for NIH grants support improvements in community mental health care

With a pair of new National Institutes of Health grants totaling nearly $3 million, Indiana University Bloomington clinical psychologist Cara Lewis will tackle two major issues in the effort to bring evidence-based mental health treatment into community mental health centers. Together, they take on a common challenge: how to move scientific findings off the shelf […]

Thumbnail image for Link between body temp and autism?

A $900,000 grant to Indiana University from the National Institutes of Health’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child Health and Human Development will fund one of the first basic science investigations into potential connections between fever and the relief of some symptoms of autism. The study, led by Jeffrey Alberts, professor, and Christopher Harshaw, […]

Thumbnail image for Tracking Twitter memes sheds light on the brain

An international team of researchers from Indiana University and Switzerland is using data mapping methods created to track the spread of information on social networks to trace its dissemination across a surprisingly different system: the human brain. The research team from the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences […]

Thumbnail image for Internet a new frontier for research on mind

With Apple’s launch of new health tracking tools for the iPhone and medical researchers’ forays into Facebook to recruit clinical trial volunteers, Web and mobile apps are increasingly seen as a new source for health data. But psychologists are also looking to the Internet as a new source of information about the mind — and […]

Thumbnail image for What cues influence women’s success in STEM?

The National Science Foundation wants to identify obstacles that keep women from entering and remaining in STEM careers, and Indiana University’s Mary C. Murphy is working to reveal a previously hidden factor that may be preventing advancement in these fields. Recognizing the importance of Murphy’s work — that there may be subtle, environmental signals that discourage […]

Joshua Brown

March 3, 2015

Join Joshua Brown as he explains how he is using brain imaging to reveal why humans take risks and how addiction works.

Thumbnail image for Study ties father’s age at childbearing to problems in kids

An IU Bloomington study in collaboration with medical researchers from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm has found that advancing paternal age at childbearing can lead to higher rates of psychiatric and academic problems in offspring than previously estimated. Examining an immense data set — everyone born in Sweden from 1973 until 2001 — the researchers documented […]