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Alcohol-dependence in women

February 18, 2014

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A study examining the brain activity of alcohol-dependent women compared to women who were not addicted has found stark and surprising differences, leading to intriguing questions about brain network functions of addicted women as they make risky decisions about when and what to drink. The study used functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI, to study […]

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An Indiana University Bloomington study examining the viewing patterns of adults with autism and comparing them to people without autism found that gaze patterns among those with autism were surprisingly similar to one another and different from the control group. Using eye-tracking devices that measure the location of each participant’s gaze 300 times per second, […]

Models for Enabling Continuous Reconfigurability of Secure Missions, a five-year, $23.2 million cooperative agreement, will form a collaborative research alliance consisting of Indiana University, Penn State, Carnegie Mellon University, University of California Davis, University of California Riverside, and the Army Research Laboratory. The aim of the alliance is to create a science to detect and […]

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An unprecedented study of preterm birth suggests that only some of the problems previously associated with preterm birth are actually caused by preterm birth itself. The new study by Indiana University Bloomington researchers confirms the strong link between preterm birth and the risk of infant and young adult death, autism ,and ADHD. But it also […]


This fall, the IU Bloomington Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences celebrates its 125-year anniversary. Before then, you can catch up on the distinguished history of the department with this brief video produced by the department: A brief History of the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences from IU Psych on Vimeo.


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 A team of American and Italian neuroscientists has identified a cellular change in the brain that accompanies obesity. The findings could explain the body’s tendency to maintain undesirable weight levels  and identify possible targets for pharmacological efforts to address obesity. The findings, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, identify a switch […]


A grown-up version of the rock-paper-scissors game offers a new theory of the group dynamics that arise in situations as varied as cycles of fashion, fluctuations of financial markets, and eBay bidding wars. In a study written about in PLOS ONE, IU cognitive scientists analyzed situations in which each person’s decision depends on what they […]


by Jerome Busemeyer and Peter Bruza

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At a Bloomington, Ind., toy store, kids ages 8 to 12 gather weekly to trade Pokemon cards and share their mutual absorption in the intrigue and adventure of Pokemon. This may seem an unlikely source of material to test theories in cognitive neuroscience. But that is where Indiana University brain scientists Karin Harman James and Tom […]


An infamous and ill-fated talking Barbie doll once said, “Math class is tough. Let’s go shopping.” At least until public outcry compelled Mattel to take that 1992 doll off the shelf. Yet that soundtrack still plays for flesh-and-blood girls. The message—that girls do not have the same aptitude or interest as boys in math and […]