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The National Science Foundation has awarded more than $999,000 to three Indiana University Bloomington faculty members for a unique effort intended to shed light on how children best learn about complex systems and how new technologies can best serve that learning. Kylie Peppler and Joshua Danish, both assistant professors in the Learning Sciences program at […]

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Indiana University has been awarded $4.2 million by the U.S. Agency for International Development, through Higher Education for Development, for a 2½-year project to promote women’s access to and success in higher education in South Sudan. Through IU’s Center for Social Studies and International Education, the project will be headed by Terry Mason, professor of curriculum […]


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A study led by an Indiana University School of Education faculty member in Bloomington finds little correlation between time spent on homework and better course grades for math and science students, but a positive relationship between homework time and performance on standardized tests. Adam Maltese, assistant professor of science education in the IU School of […]


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Who gets expelled from school, and why? That’s a question Russell Skiba has considered frequently in his research. His most recent exploration of the topic, a study entitled Parsing Disciplinary Disproportionality delivered at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, examines the relative contributions of type of behavior, student demographic variables, and school […]